For the last few years I have been grabbing some we documented dotfiles from GitHub but most of them have either ended up reconfigured my Mac to the point of it being unrecognisable or they have just been a collection of useful aliases. The I came across Bashstrap, it was close enough to what I wanted so I forked it ….


You can install them using the following commands;

git clone [email protected]:russmckendrick/dotfiles.git ~/.dotfiles
sudo easy_install Pygments
brew install tree
mv ~/.bash_profile ~/.dotfiles/backups/
mv ~/.bashrc ~/.dotfiles/backups/
mv ~/.gitconfig ~/.dotfiles/backups/
ln -s ~/.dotfiles/.bash_profile ~/.bash_profile
ln -s ~/.dotfiles/.bashrc ~/.bashrc
ln -s ~/.dotfiles/.gitconfig ~/.gitconfig
ln -s ~/.dotfiles/.hushlogin ~/.hushlogin
ln -s ~/.dotfiles/ ~/

Once installed you can do stuff like;

  • s . or s filename.txt will open your current directory or a file in Sublime Text 2
  • m will open the specified file in Marked 2
  • Jump directories rapidly, without having to set aliases using Z
  • Syntax highlighted ‘cat’

amongst other things;

Dotfiles Example