As you may have noticed, the blog looks different (again). This is because I have moved from Wordpress external link back to Ghost external link using their GhostPro external link offering.

One of the things I like about Ghost is the default theme, Casper external link . While I wanted to keep it there were a few things I wanted to tweak, such as removing the full page header image on main index.

When I have previously used Ghost I have forked the theme on GitHub and then manually messed about getting any updates from the original code in.

This time I decided that I should try and make a proper job of it, this would mean;

  • Fork the theme as before
  • Add the original repo as a remote upstream
  • Make my changes and commit away as normal
  • Whenever there is an update to “official” version of Casper, fetch the upstream and rebase.

The initial part was easy enough, I forked the code and added the remote upstream;

 git clone
 git remote add upstream

This should allow me to run the following commands when there was an update to Casper;

 git fetch upstream
 git rebase upstream/master

I noticed today that there was an update made to the theme so I tried my first rebase;

 ⚡ git fetch upstream
 1b86190..025fa6e master -> upstream/master
 ⚡ git rebase upstream/master
 First, rewinding head to replay your work on top of it…
 Applying: Adding MediaGlasses Custom bits
 Applying: Adding Font Awesome CSS
 Applying: Adding Favicons
 Applying: Changing tags details
 Applying: Adding Twemoji and changing tag prefix
 Applying: Use last post as the header

It worked :D. Will be interesting to see what happens when there is a bigger update to the original.