As everyone who knows me will already know, I am a little bit opinionated when it comes to music. However, I haven’t really had a decent sound system for quite a few years.

I decided mid last year that I would do something about it and not only start getting back into vinyl (I know, such a hipster) but also get a decent sound system, so started saving.

For quite a while I was looking an all-in-one system like the Teac LP-P1000 however, I decided I would end up painting myself into a corner with it as I would be only be able to use it in one room, I then started looking at other options.

I then moved onto looking at BlueTooth speakers and receivers, but unless I had them wired together I would only be able to have one playing at a time so was not really better off.


After doing some reading & watching some reviews on YouTube;

I was sold, just needed to save a little more. A few weeks ago it happened;


I ordered the following;

The idea is that I can stream music from the turntable to all or any of the speakers via the Play:5.

So I now have the Play:5 & Turntable in the dinning room (which is where my desktop computer lives) and a Play:1 in the living room and kitchen.

Couple that with both Spotify & Deezer Elite subscriptions, and I am a happy bunny.