Around this time last year I blogged about Upgrading my servers to CentOS 7, the post contained a link to a script which I wrote to deploy a Puppet Master & Agent and some updated instructions for installing on RHEL / CentOS 7.

As those instructions no longer work, and I needed to install a Puppet Master to have a play with I decided to update the installation script.

After a little reading it looks like installing a Puppet Master with Apache and Passenger is a little old fashioned since the release of Puppet Server external link .

The release of Puppet Server made it a lot easier to install a Puppet Master and also it allowed me merge the two scripts (one each for EL6 and EL7) into a single script.

The updated scripts can be found in my GitHub account external link or to install Puppet Server you can run the following on either clean RHEL / CentOS 6 or 7 installation;

curl -fsS | bash

and to install an agent;

curl -fsS | bash -s

making sure to replace with your freshly installed Puppet Server URL.

For more information please see the README external link .