Since the last post about the blog I have been playing with the blog a bit more, I have finally got a decent PageSpeed Insights Score ;


It’s annoying that the Disqus javascript is keeping me from getting 100/100 but considering before I started to tweak things I was getting a score of 85/100 so I can’t complain too much.

I have also adding the following functionality to my Gruntfile

  • grunt test — Runs a PageSpeed Insight test from the command line and highlights if either the mobile or desktop test drops below 95/100
  • grunt grab — Grabs the external Javascript needed to run the site so I can serve it locally.

I rolled these into the grunt deploy task. The task now does the following when called;

  • Clears the previous “prod” folder
  • Concatenates and compresses the javascript and CSS files
  • Downloads the external javascript dependencies
  • Regenerates the entire site putting it into the empty “prod” folder
  • Uploads the changed files to Amazon S3
  • Flushes the Cloudflare cache
  • Runs a PageSpeed Insights mobile and desktop test on two different URLs

You can see it in action below;


I also added a 404 page.