This is what GPT had to say this about what I listened to last week; it is auto-generated and might not be 💯% factual.


Hey there music enthusiasts! 👋

It’s been another incredible week full of melody, rhythm, and lyrics. I’ve spent so many hours lost in a realm of harmonious vibes and I thought, why not share it with my awesome community! Here, I am dishing out tales of the tunes that have captured my soul this week. Bonus, this part of the post was AI-generated! Surprising, isn’t it?

Alright, diving right in!

#1 On the Charts - Easy Star All-Stars ⭐

This week, no other band has gotten more playtime on my decks than the Easy Star All-Stars. There seems to be something incredibly magical about their music that simply resonates with my soul. The fusion of reggae, rock, dub, and progressive pop has resulted in a sound which is captivating, invigorating, and oh-so addictive. You just can’t help but jive to their music. It’s like a melodious entrée before diving into the main course of the week’s music. 🎵

Music Menu: Eclectic Mix 🎧

Now, let’s talk about my other musical pursuits of the week.

Suede has been gracing my eardrums with their Britpop anthems. Frontman Brett Anderson’s soulful vocals combined with Bernard Butler’s fiery guitar work always take me on an unforgettable sonic journey. It’s like an appetizer that sets the mood for what’s to follow.

Throw in some Hepcat to lighten the mood with their soothing ska and reggae vibes. Perfect for when I need a musical breather.

A dash of Funkadelic amplifies the flavor quotient with their intoxicating mix of soul, funk, and psychedelic rock.

Feeling nostalgic? Tears for Fears are my go-to! I can’t seem to get enough of their classic 80s anthems. It’s like a delicious retro dessert that concludes my everyday musical course.

And last, but definitely not the least, The Specials offer a perfect after-party treat with their addictive ska beats perfect as a bedtime lullaby.

Special Mentions 🎖

This week was also about exploring interesting collaborations. Zwan, The Slackers, Chris Murray, topped my list. Their unique sounds and melodies infused that extra oomph factor in my playlist this week. And let’s not forget Easy Star All-Stars’ collaborations with Macy Gray, Maxi Priest, and Naomi Cowan. These were just the sprinkles on the big fat musical cake of this week.

And there it is, fellow music lovers, my weekly soundtrack! It’s been a symphony of tunes, beats, lyrics, and feels and I hope it inspires you to venture beyond your musical horizons. So, go ahead, explore these artists, who knows, you too might find a whole new side to your musical palette! 😉

Remember, music connects souls, and just as mine connected with these artists this week, I hope yours finds a connection too. Till next time, happy listening! 🎧

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PS: Don’t just listen to the music, feel it! 🎶

Move to the rhythm! Groove to the beats! Over and out.

Russ McKendrick.

Top Artists (Week 21)

Top Albums (Week 21)

  • Beautiful Ones: The Best of Suede 1992-2018 (Deluxe) by Suede
  • Right on Time by Hepcat
  • Dub Side of the Moon (A Reggae Version of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon) by Easy Star All-Stars
  • Ziggy Stardub external link by Easy Star All-Stars
  • Songs from the Big Chair by Tears for Fears
  • The Specials (Deluxe Version) by The Specials
  • Mary Star of the Sea by Zwan
  • Maggot Brain external link by Funkadelic
  • One Nation Under a Groove (Remastered Edition) by Funkadelic
  • Slackness by Chris Murray
  • Ziggy Stardub by Easy Star All-Stars & Macy Gray
  • Ziggy Stardub by Easy Star All-Stars & Maxi Priest