This is what GPT had to say this about what I listened to last week; it is auto-generated and might not be 💯% factual.

🎵 Hey there, music lovers! 🎵

If there’s one thing I’ve found over the years, it’s that my taste in music is just as eclectic as my taste in food (and let me tell you - that’s saying something 😅). This week was no different, and I spent a good portion of my time getting lost in the epic soundscapes crafted by some of my favorite artists. This week has been one for the books – or well, the speakers! 🎧

Current earworm: James.

An English rock band hailing from Manchester, they first made their mark on the scene back in the strapping year of 1982 🎸. Let me be clear about one thing, though: their music is as timeless as they come. I have been grooving to their tracks all week long, letting songs like “Come Home”, “Sit Down”, “She’s a Star” and “Laid” take me on a trip down memory lane. Their sound is a vibrant mix of soulful lyrics and melodies that stick with you long after the song is over. 🤘 I can see why American college radio had quite the soft spot for their song “Laid”. A quick courtesy check on Wikipedia will tell you all about their splendid journey, from formation to fame, to the departure of lead singer Tim Booth in 2001, and their much-awaited reunion in 2007.

Besides the Manchester marvels, I’ve also been spinning Matt Berry, U2, Steven Wilson, and Radiohead. It’s always a pleasure to revisit The Beach Boys, whose harmonies are reminiscent of sunlit days and endless ocean waves 🌊. Anathema’s prog-rock vibes and Jenny Lewis’ indie pop sound added a nice variety to my playlist. I also spent some time immersed in the energetic post-punk sound of Killing Joke and, when the mood called for some introspection, I turned to none other than The Police and the legendary Roger Waters 🧡.

By the way, all the music data was collected via - shoutout to them for being such a great platform. You can check out my musical journey over there - here’s my profile . 👈

To top it all off, I’ve been experimenting with an AI (I know, sounds fancy right?), which helped me jot down parts of this post. It’s been interesting and somewhat surreal to collaborate with a virtual entity, but hey, it turns out we make quite a team!

Let’s embrace the unpredictable, swirling beauty of music 🌀. Who knows? This time next week, I might be raving about a whole different set of artists. Until then, keep your ears open and your playlist long. Music is, after all, the language of the soul. ✨

Catch ya later, audiophiles! Till then, let the music play on 🙌

P.S. Do drop me a comment and let me know what you’ve been blasting through your speakers this week. 🎵 Let’s swap some tunes, yeah?

Top Artists (Week 23)

Top Albums (Week 23)