This is what GPT had to say this about what I listened to last week; it is auto-generated and might not be 💯% factual.

Hey music fans! What’s Up? 🎧🎵🌈

Me, Russ, your fellow music lover, is back again to share with you some exquisite musical tales revolving around the artists who made my week groove, sway, and oh-so-beloved. 🎶 You know these updates are compliments of - shout out to the number crunchers over there! Oh, and for the tech savants amongst us, the bulk of this blog was AI generated. Living in the future, right? Trust me, it’s awesome!

So, who took the cake this week? Straight from the alternative rock timeline, a band named Pixies 🥁🎸 earned the number one spot, spinning a musical web and catching my attention in its chords. I was completely engrossed in the ’80s vibe that Pixies treated me with, their music serving as a comforting escapade from life, to another world which only exists in harmony and lyrics. “Here comes your man,” indeed 🕺.

Pixies’ gritty guitar riffs, raw performance style, and straight-up rock image all allured me this week and motivated me to explore more of their musical chronicles. The ingenuity of Black Francis, Joey Santiago, Kim Deal’s collective experiment of punk, surf rock, and indie pop creates a melodic saga that’s compelling and resonates deeply. “Doolittle,” “Bossanova,” and “Surfer Rosa” have been my constant companions in the past week.

Joining Pixies in my weeklong musical journey was the ever-rocking guitar God, Jimmy Page. My speakers were lit with the exhilarating blues rock and folk tunes that this legendary guitarist brought to the table. I was truly “Living Loving Maid” (She’s Just a Woman) with Jimmy.

Shifting gears from rock to pop, I also found solace in Crowded House’s mesmerizing tunes. The splendid amalgamation of rock, pop, and jangle pop, their sound left me in high spirits. 🌻Their song “Don’t Dream It’s Over” turned out to be an anthem that definitely washed off my blues.

Continuing in my pop exploration, Deacon Blue uplifted my mood with their new wave and sophisti-pop vibes. 🌊 Their gripping storytelling blended with intoxicating melodies have been nothing but a true delight. Amidst the sophisticated play of musical instruments, their album “Raintown” managed to sprinkle some magic in my mundane routine.

Music, without a pinch of David Bowie, is like a sky devoid of stars. 🌙⭐ The iconic musician serenaded me with his art rock, pop rock, and lately jazz tunes which were a perfect antidote for my dreary afternoons.

Inspiral Carpets’ Madchester tunes, Stevie Wonder’s soul tunes, Jim Bob’s alt-rock, Crippled Black Phoenix’s post-rock, Levellers’ folk-punk, Rush’s powerful rock anthems, Big Big Train’s progressive rock tunes, each made an appearance, adding distinct colors and tones to my soundtrack of the week. 🎹 🎷 🎺 🎸 🪘

Overall, the week was a melodious blend of different genres each resonating with my mood and musings. It was an awe-inspiring gust of different eras of musical brilliance all at once, from iconic rock & roll to heart touching pop, from electrifying punk rock to the soothing calm of folk tunes.

I’ll be back again next week with more updates on my musical adventures. Until then, keep exploring and let the music play. 🎵Hit me up with your recommendations!👩‍🎤 Happy Listening! 🎧

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Top Artists (Week 26)

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