This is what GPT had to say this about what I listened to last week; it is auto-generated and might not be 💯% factual.

Hey, all you beautiful people! 🎵🤘🏼

This week has been a rollercoaster ride of soothing melodies, bombastic anthems, heart-rending ballads, and groovy tunes 🎶. Thanks to my accountability partner,, I’ve kept track of everything that’s been gracing my ears. So, let me give you the scorecard.

Setting the tone of my week, Prefab Sprout 🌱 turned out to be my most played artist (yeah, keep the applause going - they deserve it 😉). Their smart, sophisticated pop sensibilities, complex arrangements, coupled with Paddy McAloon’s beatifically melancholic vocals, were the perfect companions on my morning jogs. Songs like “Appetite” and “Bonny” have a knack for setting you right, trust me.

“From Langley Park to Memphis” never fails to make me think - the beautiful melancholy of it is truly Prefab Sprout’s trademark aura. “Cars and Girls,” in particular, was on loop because who can resist its intricate storytelling? 🔁

Fancy a twist in the musical journey? Let’s bounce off to Stone Temple Pilots. Their weighty, albeit radio-friendly sound, is always good when I need my rock fix. “Interstate Love Song” makes me forget that I am in the middle of grocery shopping and “Plush” always takes me back to the early ’90s, simpler times.

Had some chill afternoons where I vibed to Airhead, their music has this delicately textured arrangements. Hootie & the Blowfish’s chart-topper “Only Wanna be With You” also made a resounding comeback in my playlist - the nostalgia is real, folks! 😌

Yet, it’s not just ’90s pop-rock vibes all the time! Deviated into some dark melodies with Anathema. Their atmospheric soundscapes always strike a chord (pun intended 😉). Pearl Jam, with Eddie Vedder’s powerful growl, added to the diverse sonic tapestry of my week.

Wanna know my guilty pleasure for nights when sleep eludes me 🌙? It’s Portishead with their eerie, haunting tunes. Jane’s Addiction swept me off my feet with their ferocious metallic riffs and punky rawness. Now, how can I ever complete my week without letting U2 serenade me? Bono’s passionately earnest voice in “One” turned my mundane moments into spectacular ones.

Digging further back to my roots, The Style Council and Genesis made a welcome return on the playlist. Remember Fishbone? Give “Everyday Sunshine” a spin, it’s pure joy encapsulated in music.

Okay, let’s serve some spicy hot news fresh off the stove 🔥! This part of the blog is AI-generated. Can you believe it? Technology, am I right? It impresses and scares me at the same time, I must admit. Would you be able to tell if I hadn’t spilled the beans? Drop your thoughts below! 👇

There you have it, folks, a glimpse into my sonic world that kept me company, consoled, and uplifted me this week. Feel like joining me on my musical journey? Check out my profile at external link . Drop me your suggestions too - I am always game for widening my music horizon.

Until the next tune… Keep on rockin’! 🤘🏼🎸🎵

P.S: Special mention to my coffee ☕, which kept me alive to listen to all these tunes. Shoutout to all caffeine addicts!

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