This is what GPT had to say this about what I listened to last week; it is auto-generated and might not be 💯% factual.

My Melodic Week in Music 🎵

Hi all! 😊 It’s time again for my weekly update on my aural adventures. Yep, I’ve been biking 🚴‍♂️, reading 📚, and of course, streaming tunes 🎶 all week. As always, trusty has kept track of my musical tastes and so here’s the lowdown of the addictive playlist I’ve plunged into over the past seven days… and yes, the sheer volume of post-grunge, alt-rock, and jazz fusion is still going strong - you’ve been warned! 😄

Our topmost artist this week, gracing the top of my most played list, is the infamous Alice in Chains 🎸! A fixture of the ’90s Seattle grunge scene, they’re a band that exudes a raw, emotional, uncompromising sound that’s been soundtracking my week. From the crunching guitar riffs of ‘Them Bones’ to the eerie harmonies of ‘Rooster,’ their music’s been echoing around my study and making my headphones vibrate! The darker tones of their work certainly stirred something deep within me, and I found myself drawn to their music time and again, appreciating the multi-layered complexities of their sound.

Sharing my audioscape this week were some more incredible artists. The Cure were there with their blend of gothic rock and post-punk, tracks like ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, ‘Just Like Heaven’, and ‘Friday I’m in Love’ taking me on an emotional rollercoaster 🎢.

And then there was Gene 😍. Their Britpop beats brought some upbeat nostalgia and a welcomed breezy contrast to my playlist. Britpop may evoke images of Blur and Oasis, but for me, it’s always been about the lesser-known bands like Gene. They may not have received as much airplay or hype, but their music is just as meaningful to me.

Giving me the wavy thrill was the British rock band, Spacehog, with that catchy ‘In the Meantime’ tune and it’s hypnotic bassline. It tops my list as one of the most infectious songs of the 90’s 🎉.

And can we talk about Fun Boy Three? Their quirky new-wave sound always leaves me in a good mood, reminding me of how delightfully diverse and unpredictable music can be.

Adding a classic rock tang to my playlist was Argent, whose hit track ‘Hold Your Head Up’ always gets me singing along enthusiastically - neighbours be damned! 🤘

I’ve also been vibing to the Sheffield’s finest, Longpigs, whose gritty yet poignant sound had mixed in perfectly with the rest of my streaming spree!

No musical week is complete without some Radiohead, whose unique sound palette and sharp socio-political commentary never fail to enchant me. From ‘Karma Police’ to ‘Paranoid Android’, their tracks have been spinning on constant replay.

The Shoegazing stars, Swervedriver, came on board too this week with their ethereal textures that switch me into a spaced-out, dream-like state.

And then, there was an call to Space Oddity! David Bowie’s timeless hits adding a dash of theatrics and creative eccentricity to this week’s sonic journey 💫

In mood for some instrumental goodness, I hit up Trevor Jones and his fascinating mix of traditional and electronic soundscapes that conjure such vivid imagery in the mind’s eye.

Last but definitely not the least, jazz legend John Coltrane came up with his mesmerizing saxophone, breaking down barriers between genres and creating music that simply absorbs you and refuses to let go.

And hey, not only was my playlist a wildly eclectic mix – but how I wrote this blog was pretty crazy too! This blog post was generated by AI, to bring you a hint of the future as we know it! 🤖 Fascinating, isn’t it?

It’s been a fantastic week jam-packed with hypnotic melodies, nostalgic tunes and, thrilling beats. Feel free to tune into my profile ☑️ HERE if your musical tastes align with mine! Until next week, keep those playlists rockin’ and enjoy every beat of life! 🎧

Catch you later folks! 🤟

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