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Hello music lovers! 👋 Welcome to another instalment of my weekly musical round-up. Flipping through my music library, I got lost again in the good ol’ 80s and 90s mix. This week has been a fantastic journey through the realms of alt-rock, shoegaze, electronic, and other groovy genres that soundtracked the nostalgic vibes. Can’t wait to share with you! 🚀

The artists that have washed over my eardrums this week have seriously punctuated my days with some tremendous audio environments. And to absolutely no one’s surprise who knows me well, I’ve listened mostly to the iconic English rock band Ride 🤟. According to good ol’ Wikipedia external link , Ride is hailed as a crucial pioneer of ‘shoegaze’, a subgenre of alternative rock that gained significance in the UK during the early 90s 🎸.

For those unfamiliar, Ride was formed in Oxford in 1988 with Andy Bell and Mark Gardener on vocals and guitar, Laurence “Loz” Colbert on drums, and Steve Queralt on the bass. Their debut albums ‘Nowhere’ (1990) and ‘Going Blank Again’ (1992) are acclaimed masterpieces of the shoegaze genre. This week has been a dive back into these albums, and let me tell you, they haven’t lost an ounce of charm! It’s like being wrapped up in a warm, familiar blanket of reverb-soaked vocals, ethereal guitar riffs, and punchy percussion 😌.

Ride’s music is a timelss reminder of rock’s thrilling potential, full of hooks and emotion that never fail to deliver that ‘wow’ factor! 🙌 Speaking of rock, I gravitated towards the classics this week, revisiting amazing tracks from The Who and Fleetwood Mac. Both bands are legendary in their own right, crafting tunes that make you groove, headbang, and get lost in thoughts, all at the same time.

This week also saw me spinning some tracks from New Order, the trailblazers of synth-laden post-punk and electronic music. Their tunes are a reminiscent journey through the glow of the 80s nightclub scene. From there to the ever-evolving sound of Rush, then to the indie delight of The Decemberists and quirkiness of They Might Be Giants.

Lush was another firm favourite - a beautiful throwback to the heyday of Britpop and shoegaze. Then there’s the polyphonic pleasure brought by The Polyphonic Spree, and the electro-pop relish of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.

If you’re craving some smooth jazz-rock fusion, Steely Dan was on my rotation, serving up all types of cool. And finally, we can’t forget the sweeping anthems of Simple Minds. Trust me, it’s been a nostalgia-filled musical journey 😊.

For those curious about where I track my music, the data for this whole blog post is culled from my external link account. You can follow me there for real-time updates on what’s playing in my headphones. We can compare notes, discover new jams and rekindle old favourites together!

A surprising twist on this post – a part of this was AI-generated! How awesome is that? An Artificial Intelligence machine helped document my music journey this week. We truly are living in the future 🤖.

That’s all for now; keep checking out new music, revisit the classics, and keep your playlists refreshed. Until my next week’s musical rundown, keep those records spinning! 🎵❤️ Let the melodies continue to play!

P.S. - Ride on, folks, ride on!

Top Artists (Week 32)

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