This is what GPT had to say this about what I listened to last week; it is auto-generated and might not be 💯% factual.

The Sweet Symphony of Last Week: 🎵

Hello musical mates! 🎩🎻❤️‍🔥

So, this week’s report card from my musical journey is here—a spun disc, top tracks, and what has been under my musical microscope. It’s a beautiful mix of old and new, regulars, and rediscoveries. Before I get carried away, let’s jump into the beats and symphonies that colored my week.🤓🎧

A lot of you might be wondering, where did I get all this data from? Well, it’s from a fantastic website, external link , that helped me keep track of my musical menu—think of it as a sort of Spotify Wrapped for the weekly diehards!

🏆Most Played Artist: Cardiacs 🏆

This week, my journey revolved around the English rock band, Cardiacs. Those unfamiliar with Cardiacs, think of a beautiful mishmash of punk, art, and progressive rock, coupled with the occasional pop twist, all skilfully driven by the late Tim Smith’s lyrical genius. From “R.E.S.” to “Is This the Life?” each track took me to a fantasy world of sonic eccentricity and longing.

The layers in their music are astounding and the emotion, palpable. It’s like an ever-changing kaleidoscope of sound with Tim’s quirky poetic musings taking the forefront. Emotional reactions cannot be helped when their tracks shuffle. Crank up the Cardiacs, I say! 🕺💃🤘

Now, moving on from the reigning champion of the week, I have been grooving to a diverse range of genres and artists. Here goes: 🎼

Genesis, those lords of prog, made a graceful entry into my weekly playlist. Their intricate and innovative symphonies composed by a team of stellar musicians, led by the inimitable Phil Collins, wove an invisible thread of melodic brilliance. 🌈

Anathema, the British rock maestros, were next to hit my playlist. Their emotive tracks, scaling a broad spectrum from doom metal to atmospheric rock, were an absolute pleasure.

I savored the political powerhouse that is Billy Bragg. His folk-punk anthems are as poignant in 2022 as they were in his heyday. Right on, Billy! 🙌

The electronic pop swoon of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark sent me back to the 80s, adding that synth-driven punch to my toe-tapping week. “Enola Gay,” you still rock! 🚀

Moving on, The James Taylor Quartet’s jazz-funk essence was exactly what my soul craved in between the rock and pop vibes.

Therapy? Yes, please! Their punk-infused blend of alternative rock—raw, raucous, and ready to headbang, jammed some ‘Troublegum’ into my musical blender.

Then, of course, who can resist the “Starman” himself? David Bowie sprinkled some of his timeless stardust onto my musical week, reaffirming his place as the chameleon of pop.

The Kiwi art-pop of Split Enz had me spinning, “I Got You” on loop. Followed by the anthemic punky rock of The Gaslight Anthem—their hit “Great Expectations” delivered on its title’s promise.

Oceansize filled up my eardrums with their expansive, experimental rock signature sound. And, the knight of the prog-rock realm, Peter Gabriel, blessed my musical journey with his groundbreaking style—excuse the pun.

Phew, quite the musical roller coaster, wasn’t it? That’s what I call ‘symphony in diversity.’ 🎸🎈

To stir a sense of quirkiness (and techy wonder), parts of this blog post were AI generated, provided by OpenAI. Our metal-tech friends sure have an ear for music! 🤖🎵

Until next week, keep the music playing, keep your soul dancing, and the head banging—see you surviving and jiving on the other side! 🙌🕺 🎧

Yours groovily,

RussMckendrick 🎩🎻

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