This is what GPT had to say this about what I listened to last week; it is auto-generated and might not be 💯% factual.

Hey there, music lovers! 🎶🎸 What a week it’s been! My playlist has been popping with all sorts of rocking tunes, featuring everything from indie rock to classic pop, all scouted via my much-loved music platform, .

Looping straight to the highlight of the week – Jesus Jones! Yes, you’ve read that right, Jesus Jones was my most played artist this week. The British indie rock band has got me hooked with their smash hits like “Right Here, Right Now” and “International bright young thing”. Their unique blend of techno and rock, interspersed with engaging lyrics makes it difficult to not play them on repeat. 🎤🔁

Other artists who made it to my playlist this week were a fun mishmash of genres. Enter Porcupine Tree. Their music brought in a fresh wave of atmospheric and experimental rock that simply made it impossible to resist. I savored tracks like “Fear of a Blank Planet,” “Anesthetize,” and “Arriving Somewhere but Not Here.” 🎵🎸

Adding a dash of psychedelic indie rock to my week was none other than The Coral. “In The Morning” has always been a favorite. Their music perfectly aligns with my musical taste bringing in just about the right amount of weird and wonderful.

Some of the other fantastic acts I’ve had on the loop include Talk Talk, Peter Gabriel, and the dynamic Crippled Black Phoenix. Ah, what can I say about the legendary Peter Gabriel? The ex lead vocalist of Genesis transported me to a world of prog-rock magic while Talk Talk’s poppy synths tickled my nostalgic senses. I also turned into a melancholic mood with Crippled Black Phoenix’s post-rock vibes.

Not one to miss out on featuring iconic producers, my list accommodated Trevor Horn, a man behind many of pop’s most definitive sounds. Also, Killing Joke, the post-punk heavyweights, got me headbanging more than a couple of times, especially with their track, “Eighties.”

To add some grunge on my playlist, Stone Temple Pilots got me gripping on their intense vocals and gritty tunes. How can anyone resist their ‘Plush’ and ‘Interstate Love Song’?

And folks, don’t think for a moment that I’ve overlooked my pop sensibilities! The sweet indie pop tunes from Belle and Sebastian have been the cherry on top of my week. ‘The Boy with the Arab Strap’ is still my all-time delight! 🎧❣️

Mother Earth also graced my ears with their catchy Acid Jazz rhythms while New Order made their way into my midweek mix, bringing an irresistible blend of post-punk and dance music. There’s something so engaging about ‘Blue Monday’, keeping it fresh even after years of release.

Just as a heads up to all my techies out there, this part of the blog post was generated employing the profound prowess of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We seriously live in the future, don’t we? 🤖

Well, that pretty much rounds up my whirlwind music week. So many artists, so little time! Exploring the musical galaxy has always been a thrilling journey for me. There are sprawling soundscapes out there waiting to be discovered. As we wind up the week, remember, keep those headphones on, volume up, and barriers down. Music is the universal language after all. 🌐🎼

Until next week, stay groovy and rock on! 🤘✌️

RussMckendrick over and out!

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