Hi there Hello there , my name is Russ.

Hello! I’m Russ, an IT professional with a strong background in DevOps and system administration. I’ve spent the last 30 years working in various IT roles across multiple industries. I have a deep passion for Linux, open-source systems, automation, and containers. I currently serve as the Practice Manager of SRE & DevOps at Node4, managing projects across public and private clouds.

Apart from my work, I have written and contributed to thirteen books primarily revolving around container technologies and automation. In my downtime, I enjoy expanding my vinyl record collection.

Publications 📚

All books were published by Packt Publishing, except for “Monitoring and Management With Docker and Containers”, which was published by The New Stack.

Monitoring DockerMonitoring and Management With Docker and ContainersExtending Docker
Docker BootcampMastering Docker - Second EditionKubernetes for Serverless Applications
Learn AnsibleMastering Docker - Third EditionDocker High Performance
Mastering Docker - Forth EditionThe Kubernetes BibleInfrastructure as Code for Beginners
Learn Ansible, Second Edition

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