Hi there Hello there , my name is Russ

Hello! I’m Russ, an IT professional with a strong background in DevOps and system administration. I’ve spent the last 25 years working in various IT roles across multiple industries. I have a deep passion for Linux, open-source systems, automation, and containers. I currently serve as the Practice Manager of SRE & DevOps at Node4 , managing projects across public and private clouds.

Apart from my work, I have written and contributed to twelve books primarily revolving around container technologies and automation. In my downtime, I enjoy expanding my vinyl record collection .

Publications 📚

All books were published by Packt Publishing , except for “Monitoring and Management With Docker and Containers ”, which was published by The New Stack .

Monitoring DockerMonitoring and Management With Docker and ContainersExtending Docker
Docker BootcampMastering Docker - Second EditionKubernetes for Serverless Applications
Learn AnsibleMastering Docker - Third EditionDocker High Performance
Mastering Docker - Forth EditionThe Kubernetes BibleInfrastructure as Code for Beginners
Learn Ansible, Second Edition

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